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Preschool Gymnastics

Preschool Overview

Our goal at SGA is to provide a positive environment where we can introduce pre-schoolers to the basics of gymnastics while improving balance, coordination, flexibility and self confidence. Not only will your child develop their gross and fine motor skills, but they will also improve their listening skills in a fun, social environment. At SGA, we will introduce pre-schoolers to all of the basic body positions as well as gymnastics skills on the bars, balance beam, rings, floor, tumble track, and trampolines. Improving body awareness, coordination, strength, and flexibility are central goals to our pre-school program. As children learn and improve, our instructors will create progressive lesson plans that will enhance your child's gymnastics.


Our Classes

Diaper Dare Devils (walking - 30 months)

Parent and child explore movement together through playful and exciting activities. This program is fun and interesting while also a crucial instrument in the development of your child's gross and sensory motor coordination and self-confidence. The director of the Mom & Me program coordinates the week to week activities, the events, and the skills the classes are working on so they remain fun and progressive for both parent and child.

Lil' Stars (2 years)

This class is designed for 2 year olds that are ready to start class on their own, without mom and dad on the floor with them. Children will be introduced to the bars, rings, floor, balance beams, trampoline, and tumble track. Floor circuits will be set up for your child to learn the basic gymnastics skills and to keep children constantly moving. This class will also focus on teaching children to follow in a line and listen to their instructor.

Rising Stars (3 years old)

This class will focus on teaching children to follow directions, listen to instructors, and learn basic gymnastics skills. Obstacle courses will be set up each week to keep the children constantly moving and learning the basic skills of gymnastics on the floor, bars, rings, balance beams, trampoline, and tumble track.

Shining Stars (4 years)

Children will learn gymnastics skills on the bars, balance beam, rings, floor, trampoline, and tumble track. Instructors will set up new floor circuits each month that will focus on specific skills for the children to accomplish.

Shooting Stars (advanced)

This class is for pre-schoolers ages 3-4 who have accomplished the basic gymnastics skills and ready to move on to more challenging skills. Advanced pre-schoolers must have good listening skills and be able to follow directions.

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